Learn the Basics of Dominoes


Whether you’re a novice or an expert at this popular board game, you can find a game for you among the many variations of this game. You can learn about the basics, All Fives, Draw game, Hector’s Rules, Chinese dominoes, and Hector’s Rules. Listed below are the main types of dominoes, as well as the rules for these games. These will help you enjoy the game to the fullest!

All Fives

When playing All Fives, the player must reduce the total pip value of their current board by one and then round the sum up or down to the nearest five. This strategy is not easy to apply in the cribbage board or Holsey and Tidwell’s Xs, but it gives a player an advantage over his opponent. Moreover, beginning players have trouble performing math calculations in their heads and usually think in terms of multiples of five. They also do not consider the fact that they should reduce the previous total before starting a new turn.

Draw game

The Draw Game is a variant of the traditional domino game. The player with the lowest score after three rounds of play wins. Players who are able to hold fewer tiles at the end of the game are rewarded with bonus points. In the Draw Game, players have a greater chance of predicting other players’ moves. The Draw Game is also easier to learn than the traditional game. It takes up less table space. Here’s how to play Draw in domino.

Hector’s Rules

Hector’s Rules for domino is a popular version of the popular game domino, where players try to double the number of tiles in their opponents’ hands and add a bonus play to their own hands. While this rule is not taught officially, it is widely known amongst enthusiasts. The objective is to double as many tiles as possible before your opponent does, and the game ends with a tie. If you wish to learn how to play the game, check out the following tips.

Chinese dominoes

Chinese dominoes differ from Western Dominoes in several important ways. They have smaller tiles, roughly an inch wide, and can be held in the hand just like playing cards. While the game’s basic rules are the same as card games, Chinese dominoes do not use a spinner. The tiles are ranked by the number of dots (or pips) they contain on either side. In contrast, Western dominoes are ranked by the number of pips on both ends of each tile.


The Origins of Domino comic book series tells the story of a fictional superhero called Domino. The hero’s origins begin during a top-secret government project called Project Armageddon, in which scientists manipulated embryos in an attempt to create super soldiers. One such project, however, produced a byproduct, Domino. This genetically enhanced human was abandoned by his creators at a priest’s home in Chicago. But as the story goes on, Domino’s powers grew and he became a legendary hero.


The most basic form of domino is a two-player game played with a double-six set of tiles. The players shuffle the tiles face-down and each one draws seven from the stock. The tiles are usually placed on an edge in front of the players, so that they can see the value of their own tiles as well as the number of tiles that their opponents have. Another variation of domino is called Five-Up. Players play with tiles of different colors and add doubles to the game. The doubles serve as spinners and allow for branching play.